The “Rollover” Family

A simple rollover creates volume, significantly alters the shape and transforms flat discs into three-dimensional sculptures.

“Yin Yang” Bracelet

A box lock serves as the closure for this softly flowing bracelet with a fish-scale look.

750 yellow gold A-GG-YY 20 x 175 mm  

“Panther” Pendant

The concave round surface overlaps the convex one and forms the point of suspension for a cord that nestles into their transition and allows the pendant to swing freely. Enamel accentuates the sculptural quality.
These pendants are available in two sizes: 60 x 30 mm and 60 x 110 mm.

925 silver H-AH-AG-P110 with green enamel  
925 silver H-AH-AG-P60    
750 yellow gold H-AH-GG-P60    

“Bone” Necklace

The rollover creates an opposite curvature, which gives this necklace its unique appeal.

925 silver H-AG-S12 length 45 cm  
925 silver H-AG-S12 length 45 cm partly oxidized

“Bone” Necklace

750 yellow gold H-GG-S12 length 45 cm  

“Pumpkin” Necklace

The initial shape of this necklace’s components resembles a pumpkin, the upper half of which extends into the surrounding space.

925 silver H-AG-S15/10 length 45 cm  

“Pumpkin” Necklace

750 yellow gold H-GG-S15/10 length 45 cm